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Make the transition to a paperless filing system using ATX Scan&Fill™ with Document Manager. This innovative program automatically creates a folder with the client's name and SSN when you scan the client's recognized W-2 or 1099 or when printing a tax return in PDF format directly to Scan&Fill. No more labeling, sorting and filing paper folders! And when you scan additional recognized documents for existing clients, the AutoFile feature identifies the client and selects the corresponding folder for storage.

The powerful forms recognition tool easily reads the data on most W-2s and 1099s. And you can reduce data entry by exporting the data directly to your clients' tax returns.

Scan&Fill benefits:

  • Organize and store scanned client documents electronically in a bookmark PDF
  • Print and store PDF versions of your clients' tax returns directly to the clients' digital folders with one click. If the client doesn't yet have a folder, the program creates one.
  • Quickly and easily annotate clients' folders or files with important notes or questions.
  • Save money on paper and toner by creating PDF files from e-mails, spreadsheets and other documents and storing them digitally.
  • Save time when clients sign documents digitally using a compatible electronic signature pad (optional purchase available here)
  • Safeguard client data with multiple levels of security and scheduled backups. Never lose client data again!
  • Safely e-mail sensitive documents. Scan&Fill encrypts and password-protects documents so you can send them securely to clients, banks or other recipients.
  • Track the entire life of your documents with an extensive audit trail system.

NEW! Save time and improve efficiency with an electronic signature pad!
Gone are the days of printing a form for your clients to sign, scanning the signed document and then shredding the paper copy. ATX Scan&Fill is now compatible with electronic signature pads from Topaz Systems so your clients can sign their tax forms and other documents electronically, just as they do at the grocery store or retail shop. Any PDF document stored in Scan&Fill can be signed electronically. Signature pads are purchased separately from Computime, our approved vendor. Click here for information on two popular models.

How much is printing costing me? (Click here for an expense calculator)

For a live web demonstration with a Product Specialist, please register here.

The price for Scan&Fill, including Document Manager, is only $790 (single user) or $1130 (up to five users). For more than five, please call.

Online Webinar training required with initial purchase: $105 

If you have already purchased Document Manager, you can upgrade to Scan&Fill with the reqired training for only $399 (single user) or $739 (up to five users). For more than five, please call.

Scan&Fill requires a TWAIN-compliant scanner. ATX tax preparation software is required for use of the tax return fill integration. Visit your scanner manufacturer's web site to establish which models meet these qualifications. For best results, a sheet-fed scanner is recommended. For a list of scanners tested by CCH Small Firm Services, please click here. Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Click here to view the Scan&Fill license agreement and refund policy.